How does Volunteering with us help the Rhinos in South Africa?

As many are already aware, there is a serious rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. However, not many people realise just how bad the situation is. 


1kg of rhino horn is valued at $65,000 and the average adult carries between 7-8kg of horn, it's easy to understand why poachers will now take risks that they previously would not.


Africa Volunteer Adventures' mission is to create awareness, and to work with projects who track privately owned rhinos and discourage poachers from entering the reserves. The more activity on the reserve, the better. Every day that the volunteers venture out into the field, it adds valuable hours to the lives of the rhinos. 



During 2014, in South Africa alone a staggering 1,215 rhinos were killed by poachers, that’s one every eight hours.


Sadly there is currently no real solution for saving Africa's rhino but combining poaching deterrents like we are trying to do is the best way forward and it is all thanks to continued volunteer involvement.


It is the fact that rhino on the reserve would have been gone long ago if it was not for the volunteers with Africa Volunteer Adventures. 


If we can combine these three deterrents: 7 day monitoring, dehorning and the inception of an anti-poaching team we can change minds and secure the future habitat for rhino on the reserve. 


We believe that it absolutely can be achieved through volunteering!! 


This poaching crisis is quickly going beyond individual efforts to save a a species. What we need now is the commitment of everyone working with rhino to thoroughly understand what is involved so we can make a real difference in this fight against poaching. 


If you are interested to join the fight against Rhino poaching then check out our Rhino & Elephant Anti-Poaching and Big 5 Welgevonden Projects