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International Working Holidays has been sending Kiwis & Aussies to amazing OE programs all over the world since 2001,  - so we have a great reputation for safe, legal and interesting programs in alot of different countries. Plus we've been around a while so we know what we are doing. We only work with the best partners around the world, and we only take on new partners who we know and trust. All our staff have travelled and are based in NZ.


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About the Founder & Director; Vicki Kenny 

At age 24, having spent three years on my Working Holiday in London, South Africa and Europe, I returned home to New Zealand with a passion to help others see and experience the world like I did.

I founded IWH (International Working Holidays) in 1994, and it has grown to encompass many different options – something to suit everyone's passion.


While living in South Africa, I fell in love with the

country, the people, and especially the wildlife. Then in 2014, when the opportunity arose to send volunteers to help in exclusive life-changing wildlife and

social projects, I jumped at the chance.


Having always been an animal lover, I wanted to help people from all over the world see the beauty of the wildlife in South Africa and also to see up close and personal, animals they would never see at home.

-  The animals tug at my heart! I heard first hand about the poaching plight in Africa of the Rhino and the Elephants. I realised that these amazing animals could someday be extinct and only be seen in photos in the very near future.

-  Two of our projects are active in Rhino protection on their huge private reserves (more than three rhinos a day are poached in South Africa!), as well as educating local school students on the importance of not killing these beautiful, peaceful creatures.

-  My mission is to help as many people as I can to see and experience the incredibly beautiful South Africa and to take away the real feeling of making a difference to the wildlife these projects are working to save. This combines my love for the country, traveling and animals all in one!


I pride myself of only working with ethical, honest partners around the world, who look after our volunteers and participants with the utmost of care while infusing fun and learning into all activities.

When I’m not travelling, I am either working or with my horses - my spare time is spent riding and training my horses using Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques, and I am lucky to live on a ranch with my three beautiful horses, one cute Persian cat, and my very incredible husband.


Please refer others you know who may also be interested in making a positive difference in South Africa - we would be happy to help them achieve this. We’d appreciate a share or two on your social media networks, too.


Vicki Kenny


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