Animal Protection Information

The Projects we work with are all against any cruelty to Animals including ethical and unethical hunting of animals. Our partner in South Africa closely maintains relationships with the projects we work with.

Our partner and our projects do not get involved with anything immoral or illegal and will not represent any organisation that, to their knowledge, does. The projects we work with are passionate about the protection of animals and work hard with no government funding to conserve species and keep them off the endangered species list.


Some also work with some animals which are now endangered due to poaching and hunting. These projects work hard to ensure the future of each species and with the help of volunteers they are able to do so.


Some projects are breeding projects which help keep lines healthy and free of hereditary diseases, and some do raise cubs by hand. Others are more wildlife based and animals are not in enclosures unless they are injured or rehabilitating. The type of project you choose should obviously reflect your passions. See the full range here.


If you have any questions we are happy to provide you more information.


International Working Holidays has been sending people like you to amazing OE programs all over the world since 2001, including Camp America - so we have a great reputation for safe, legal and interesting programs in alot of different countries. Plus we've been around a while so we know what we are doing. We only work with the best partners around the world, and we only take on new partners who we know and trust. All our staff have travelled and are based in NZ.


If you'd like to have a free consultation about what Africa Volunteer Adventure project would suit your passion - give us a call or contact us.

Canned Hunting Statement

Canned Hunting is a despicable "sport" where unscrupulous reserve owners sell trophy hunters the opportunity to "hunt" and kill animals (usually lions) in an enclosed area.

We are aware of some faceless, internet-based, groups who would suggest that International Working Holidays - and the projects we support - are involved in this industry. They are mis-informed and utterly wrong. 

To make sure there is no confusion, we would like to publicly state that we are strongly opposed to Canned Hunting and do not, and will not, partner with any projects that support the Canned Hunting industry.

We find the practice of both Canned Hunting and the hunting of wild lions despicable, despite the fact that they are currently legal in some African countries, including South Africa where our projects are based. We have turned down numerous requests from parks and farms that our research indicated were questionable. 

It is important not to jump to conclusions. Just because a volunteering project involves the breeding of lions, and allows human contact, does not necessarily mean they are involved in Canned Hunting. Our projects are most certainly not involved in this practice.

We currently work with 3 projects in South Africa that breed, buy and sell lions, and allow human interaction with cubs. We have a signed contract from each of these projects declaring that they are against Canned Hunting, do not sell animals to the Canned Hunting industry, or allow any hunters onto their farms. Our projects take great offence in being accused of being a part of the Canned Hunting business.

Our projects care for their animals and go out of their way to make sure they get the best possible care in terms of food, vaccines, DNA testing, enclosures and fencing. They have opened their farms to the scrutiny of volunteers form around the world. You can rest assured that any hint of involvement with canned hunting would soon be uncovered by our own volunteers!

Our projects have been very transparent and have freely shared sensitive information about their businesses, including lists of buyers of animals, vet records, permits and partnership records. We urge those considering any volunteer program to educate themselves and get full story.

We encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions about Canned Hunting or about our volunteer opportunities. We'll help you choose the right project for you!  

We encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions and we will go over the various projects and help you choose the project that best reflects your passions. 



Animal Lover & Owner of

International Working Holidays NZ

(Founding Member of Organisations Against Canned Hunting)